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"Our mission is to assist our clients achieve their legal goals in an efficient, effective, and professional manner."

The Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman, pc, based in Denver, Colorado, specializes in practice areas arising out of distressed situations such as personal or business financial problems and commercial disputes, often of a sophisticated nature.

We represent entities and individuals in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations and Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidations; work-outs and orderly wind-downs outside of the court system; bankruptcy and commercial litigation in state and federal court; appeals of bankruptcy matters; assignments for the benefit of creditors; and other areas such as asset planning, judgment collection and dispute resolution. In addition, the firm is special counsel to Glade Voogt Lord & Smith, PC, which complements our practice through attorneys who practice in other areas of the law, including business law; real estate law; construction law; environmental law; family law; estate planning and probate law; water law; and special district law.

Much of the firm’s work is related to Chapter 11 (reorganization) and Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcies, representing creditors, debtors, and trustees. The Bankruptcy Code is located in Title 11 of the U.S. Code, and it, along with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the local rules of the courts, and applicable case law, generally provide the means for entities and individuals (i.e., debtors) to address their debts and other problems through an orderly federal court process.

Debtors have certain obligations and rights, but so do other interested parties in the process such as creditors. The firm specializes in representing these interested parties in fulfilling their obligations and protecting their rights.

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Kevin Neiman

Kevin Neiman, the President of the firm, has over 20 years of experience helping countless clients in state and federal courts, primarily in Colorado and Florida. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional client services, which means that we will always endeavor to render the best legal services possible, for reasonable fees, done with superior professionalism. We believe in five core principles that define our relationships with our clients: excellence, respect, professionalism, accountability, and leadership. This means that we render the best legal services possible within the confines of our specialties, respect each of our clients, fastidiously act in a professional manner, hold ourselves accountable for all of our actions, and actively and responsibly participate in the community.
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Firm History

Kevin Neiman founded this firm in 2015 after learning and honing – at large and small firms, including his own Florida-based firm – his bankruptcy, litigation, and dispute resolution skills in the state and federal courts in Colorado and Florida for over 20 years.

Based in downtown Denver, Colorado, the firm is a boutique law firm that provides "big firm" services in basic to complex distressed situations, often in relation to bankruptcy and commercial litigation. Practicing since 1996, Kevin has successfully resolved countless matters for his clients, from the basic to the very sophisticated. These experiences have helped shaped Kevin into a strong advocate and strategist for his clients, a lawyer who strives to be the consummate professional, and a responsible civic caretaker.

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