Representative Bankruptcy and Litigation Experience

The firm has considerable experience in all types of bankruptcy matters, large and small, including cases in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, on behalf of a variety of constituents such as debtors, creditors, trustees, examiners, and plan administrators. In addition, the firm has meaningful litigation experience in state and federal courts in a variety of types of disputes such as bankruptcy avoidance litigation, commercial disagreements, and enforcement of monetary judgments. With regard to Chapter 13 cases, some of this experience is on behalf of several secured creditors, including homeowner associations.

In his over two decades of experience, Kevin has been involved in hundreds of matters, stretching from the mundane to exciting and publically reported. Some of Kevin’s more notable representations include:

While in Florida, Kevin was co-counsel for a chapter 11 debtor, Supra Telecom, in a hotly contested bankruptcy case that stretched several years. BellSouth, a creditor owed millions of dollars, fought the debtor at nearly every turn in a case that involved, among other things, multiple adversary proceedings, appeals, considerable discovery, a contested plan, a robust sale process, and ultimately a consensual, complex resolution approved by the bankruptcy court. In addition, Kevin has confirmed Chapter 11 reorganization plans for two of the debtors that he has recently represented: for Littleton Day Surgery Center, LLC and VESCO Consulting Services, LLC.