Our Pricing

The firm endeavors to provide excellent legal services at reasonable rates. Thus, for most matters, we charge hourly rates that are typically less than the rates in the Denver, Colorado market for attorneys of commensurate knowledge, experience, and sophistication.

For debtor Chapter 7 bankruptcy services, with regard to the services that typically arise in such cases, the firm charges a flat rate, plus the filing fee. The amount of the flat rate depends on how complicated the matter is, whether it is a corporate or individual case, the amount of debt at issue, and anticipation of issues that may arise.

For atypical events in Chapter 7 cases, like adversary proceedings, stay relief defense, 2004 examinations, and other contested matters, the firm charges a reasonable hourly rate. In addition, in certain rate situations, we will consider taking matters on a contingency basis or variations of that and an hourly rate.

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