Our Proud Affiliations

ACFA – The Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys, Inc.

The ACFA consists of in-house attorneys and attorneys in private practice who are national and international experts in middle-market commercial credit transactions and commercial bankruptcy matters. ACFA furthers the practice of law applicable to commercial finance, including, but not limited to, asset-based lending, factoring, loan restructuring, and insolvency. As an ACFA member, Mr. Neiman actively participates in the drafting, modification, reform, and interpretation of commercial and insolvency law.

American Bankruptcy Institute

ABI is the nation’s largest association of bankruptcy professionals and is made up of over 12,000 members in multi-disciplinary roles, including attorneys, auctioneers, bankers, judges, lenders, professors, turnaround specialists, accountants and others. We are proud to be members of the ABI and to play a leading role together in providing congressional leaders and the general public with non-partisan reporting and analysis of bankruptcy regulations, laws, and trends.

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program

CAMP promotes mentoring relationships through formal and informal programs, helping newly admitted attorneys acquire legal competence and develop their ethical and professional identity. Promoting the pursuit of excellence in service to clients, CAMP pairs new attorneys in mentoring relationships with experienced Colorado attorneys. Mr. Neiman volunteers his time through this program to mentor young attorneys, as he believes that having a good mentor is key to learning all the intricacies of the bankruptcy practice.

Colorado Bar Association

The Association’s mission is to improve the quality of its members’ legal practice, to support and improve the justice system and to support the community through volunteering and education. Mr. Neiman participates in the Bankruptcy Subsection of the Business Law Section, and volunteers to score high school mock trial competitions through the CBA. In addition, through the CBA and the Denver Bar Association, he sat for many years as the Secretary for the Combined Professionalism Coordinating Council, which implements the Principles of Professionalism among members of the Bar.

Denver Bar Association

The DBA promotes civility and the exchange of knowledge to further the legal profession. Through the Colorado Bar Association and the DBA, Mr. Neiman sat for many years as the Secretary for the Combined Professionalism Coordinating Council. The Council implements the Principles of Professionalism among members of the Bar, and improves professional conduct by lawyers and judges in light of the lawyers’ Oath of Admission and the reasonable expectations of the bench, bar, and the public.

Faculty of Federal Advocates

The FFA is committed to enhancing advocacy skills, professionalism, and the integrity of the federal judicial system. To further these goals, the FFA provides continuing legal education classes, mentoring and pro bono opportunities, and other support services that foster and demonstrate commitment to the highest advocacy performance and standards of professional and ethical conduct by and among its members. Through this program, Mr. Neiman renders pro bono legal services, and was awarded the annual Donald E. Cordova Distinguished Service Award.

Rotary Club of Denver

Formed in 1911, the Rotary Club of Denver is the oldest service club in the world and contains a diverse group of professional leaders from the community that the club serves. The members take an active role in their communities, providing service to both their local and international communities, while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives.

NACBA – The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

NACBA is the only organization in the country whose aim is to support and protect the legal rights of the consumer bankruptcy attorneys and those of the consumer debtors in bankruptcy. Since 1992, NACBA has been actively involved in a large number of cases that impacted consumer bankruptcy debtors. Their strong influence and constant efforts lead to significant positive outcomes. It also holds a major role as the primer force fighting against the anti-debtor legislation.