Out-of-court Restructurings and Workouts; Dispute Resolution

Out-of-court restructurings usually involve changing the composition and structure of assets and liabilities of a debtor in financial distress, generally without judicial intervention. Sometimes the preference for insolvent businesses or their creditors is to avoid court proceedings to liquidate or reorganize as these types of proceedings, among other things, can be expensive and time-consuming, with no guarantees of what will ultimately happen. To this end, the parties will often informally and consensually attempt to restructure their financial issues or otherwise work out their differences.

For financial restructurings, the Denver-based Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman, pc employs negotiation strategies designed to achieve solutions among debtors, lenders, investors, and other creditors in connection with distressed businesses and individuals. We strongly advocate for attempting to resolve other types of commercial disputes without the time and cost engendered by litigation. To that end, we represent clients when they attempt to resolve commercial disagreements through simple negotiations with opposing counsel and mediation.

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