Representative Bankruptcy and Litigation Experience

The firm has meaningful experience in all aspects of Chapter 11 bankruptcy matters, representing a wide variety of constituents such as individual and corporate debtors, secured and unsecured creditors like insurers and landlords, Chapter 11 and liquidating trustees, examiners, and plan administrators. A cross-section of these representations includes the following non-exhaustive matters.

Counsel to secured creditor mechanic lienholder, EthosEnergy Field Services, LLC, in related Chapter 11 cases; successfully obtained stay relief to proceed with litigation to perfect interests and otherwise assisted in favorable settlement of matter.

Counsel for creditor Farnam Street Financial, Inc. in Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Counsel to landlord in Chapter 11 case, protecting its interests.

Local counsel to the Plan Administrator, prosecuting various adversary proceedings against professionals and directors and officers, and otherwise assisting in administration of case post-confirmation.

Local counsel to secured creditor RBS Asset Finance, Inc. in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

Counsel to unsecured creditor, J. Thayer Company, in Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, which resulted in global settlement of various issues involving multiple parties across two bankruptcy cases and two adversary proceedings.

Counsel to secured judgment creditor in protecting interests in Chapter 11 individual bankruptcy case.

Counsel to proposed debtor-in-possession (DIP) lender and unsecured creditor in Chapter 11 case.

Counsel for lessors of Colorado and Texas non-residential real properties in these jointly administered retail Chapter 11 cases.

Counsel to debtor in involuntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, negotiating a consensual resolution with petitioning creditors prior to entry of order for relief, resulting in dismissal of case. Entity filed subsequent Chapter 11 case and the firm represented the purchaser of substantially all of the debtor’s assets through confirmed Chapter 11 plan.

Counsel for power company, protecting its interests in Chapter 11 case.

Counsel to Chapter 11 corporate debtor, successfully negotiating a resolution with its landlord, leading to consensual dismissal of bankruptcy case and avoidance of debtor being evicted.

Counsel for landlord in jointly administered Forever 21 retail Chapter 11 cases.

Counsel to unsecured creditor and member of Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors, Patternworks, Inc., in Chapter 11 case.

Counsel to Chapter 11 debtor in reorganization, negotiating consensual resolution with secured creditor that resulted in orderly sale of assets and dismissal of bankruptcy case.

Counsel to creditor Key Government Finance, Inc. in Chapter 11 case as well as related adversary proceeding to determine validity, priority, and extent of liens.

Counsel to creditor in corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, successfully obtaining dismissal of case.

Counsel to secured creditor in jointly administered Chapter 11 cases, imposing sufficient pressure to cause cases to be voluntarily dismissed.

Counsel to managing member and owner of company in Chapter 11, assisting him settle various disputes with lender and debtor.

Counsel to Chapter 11 debtor; successfully confirmed Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, permitting debtor to exit bankruptcy having shed hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Counsel to purchaser of substantially all the assets of Chapter 11 debtor.

Counsel to secured creditor in contested Chapter 11 oil and gas cases, representing it in perfecting its liens, as plaintiff in adversary proceeding determining the validity, priority, and extent of liens, and negotiating and consummating the purchase of its claim.

Counsel to creditor and supplier of commodity in Chapter 11 cases of Papa Gino’s and its related entities, assisting it in getting its contract assumed and assigned in sale and paid on its pre-petition claim.

Counsel to franchisee LEI Companies in relation to Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases of Quiznos-related entities.

Counsel to landlord of three premises utilized by debtor in Black-eyed Pea Chapter 11 case, negotiating complex assumption of one lease and resolution of claims and then protecting client’s interests upon conversion of case to Chapter 7.

Counsel for Chapter 11 examiner and liquidating trustee following confirmation of joint plan.

Counsel to creditor United Water and Sanitation District, owed millions of dollars in contentious Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, litigating, among other things, confirmation of Chapter 11 plan and appeals related to valuation and confirmation.

Counsel to secured creditor mechanic lienholder, Summit Construction, LLC, in Chapter 11 case, protecting its interests, including seeking relief from stay.

Counsel to landlord of shopping center in Chapter 11 cases involving Sonic Drive-In and MOD Pizza.

Counsel to the Chapter 11 trustee in nearly all facets of this complex case and two related appeals. Matters include attending to four adversary proceedings; defending the estate against stay relief and abstention motions, motion to intervene, motion for recoupment, and motion to convert; and engaging in the plan process through disclosure statements and plans.

Counsel to landlord in related Sports Authority Chapter 11 cases.

Counsel for shopping center landlord in Sugarfina retail bankruptcy.

Co-counsel to largest Florida competitive local exchange carrier in its Chapter 11 reorganization, and related litigation outside of Bankruptcy Court. In process, litigated numerous contentious matters with Bellsouth, ultimately resulting in reducing Bellsouth's claim from some $170 million to about $37.5 million. Confirmed plan of reorganization.

Counsel to Chapter 11 debtor in its bankruptcy case.

Counsel for lessor of non-residential real property in Chapter 11 case of Bevello.

Counsel to Chapter 11 debtor; negotiated settlement with secured creditor that resulted in consensual dismissal of case.

Counsel to corporate debtor in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. In February 2018, the bankruptcy court confirmed the debtor’s fully consensual Chapter 11 reorganization plan, restructuring considerable debt owed to its creditors.

Counsel to secured creditor Alpine Bank in Chapter 11 cases, protecting its interests through Chapter 11 process.

Counsel to unsecured creditor in Chapter 11 corporate debtor case in defense of objection to client’s claim.

Counsel to Colorado's largest workers' compensation insurance in relation to protecting its interests in bankruptcy and collection matters, including bankruptcy cases in and out of Colorado. This includes adversary proceedings filed by and against Pinnacol Assurance, the former being, for example, non-dischargeability matters and the latter being avoidance and recovery litigation.