Representative Bankruptcy and Litigation Experience

The firm has considerable experience in all types of proceedings in Chapter 7 cases on behalf of a variety of constituents such as individual and corporate debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, and Chapter 7 trustees. Some of these matters are highlighted below.

Counsel to several Chapter 7 trustees in nearly all facets of Chapter 7 cases, including assisting them liquidate assets through adversary proceedings, negotiation, and settlement for ultimate distribution to creditors. Actions have resulted in distribution of hundreds of thousands of estate dollars.

Counsel for corporate debtor in Chapter 7 case involving $2.1 million of debt.

Counsel to corporate debtor in its chapter 7 bankruptcy case, involving over $400,000 of debt.

Counsel to secured creditors in Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Matter previously involved representing same creditors in Colorado state court receivership.

Counsel to unsecured creditor, Marrick Medical Finance, LLC, in Chapter 7 bankruptcy case involving disbarred attorney.

Counsel to debtor, Colorado Pie, LLC, in its Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, addressing nearly $500,000 of debt.

Counsel to individual debtor with nearly $2 million of personal and business-related debt that the Bankruptcy Court discharged.

Counsel to the Chapter 7 individual debtor in relation to investigation by Chapter 7 trustee, including defending debtor at 2004 examination.

Counsel to Hughes Federal Credit Union, obtaining relief from the automatic stay to repossess and liquidate its collateral.

Counsel for individual Chapter 7 debtor with over $13.3 million of debt.

Counsel for joint debtors in Chapter 7 bankruptcy case involving over $8.3 million of debt.

Counsel to debtor’s ex-spouse in Chapter 7 individual bankruptcy case, successfully obtaining stay relief and Bankruptcy Court’s approval of distribution of proceeds from sale of home.

Counsel to creditor, Midwest Motor Supply Company, Inc., obtaining relief from stay to pursue out-of-state litigation against the debtor. Resulted in published opinion by Bankruptcy Court.

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Counsel to unsecured creditor, J. Thayer Company, in Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, which resulted in global settlement of various issues involving multiple parties across two bankruptcy cases and two adversary proceedings.

Counsel to individual debtor, assisting him discharge over $35 million of debt.

Counsel for Chapter 7 business debtor with some $1.9 million of debt.

Counsel to secured creditor in Chapter 7 corporate bankruptcy.

Counsel to corporate debtor with about $200,000 of debt, assisting it with orderly liquidation in furtherance of principal’s fiduciary duties.

Counsel to corporate debtor with over $65 million of debt in its Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Counsel to lessor of certain commercial property, successfully negotiating the allowance and payment of an administrative expense claim.

Counsel for creditor, securing confirmation of nondischargeability of pre-bankruptcy child support obligations and efforts to collect not violating automatic stay.

Counsel to corporate debtor with some $1.6 million of debt in its Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, then a defendant in five separate lawsuits.

Counsel to Chapter 7 debtor in its bankruptcy liquidation.

Counsel to Colorado's largest workers' compensation insurance in relation to protecting its interests in bankruptcy and collection matters, including bankruptcy cases in and out of Colorado. This includes adversary proceedings filed by and against Pinnacol Assurance, the former being, for example, non-dischargeability matters and the latter being avoidance and recovery litigation.